Simplycount makes counting symbols easy!


Works on all PDFs

P&ID drawings

Exports to excel

Automate counting

Machine learning

Simply Accelerate Counting & Sorting

SimplyCount pricing

Introductory prices: packages for entry level use cases

The data-driven platform is downloadable and does not require wifi to auto-count symbols. The software does not need a cloud storage subscription and exports count directly to Excel and pdf.


The software works on all P&IDs.

A Single Source of Truth for blueprints and piping instrumentation diagrams

Simply Accelerate Counting & Sorting

Software designed to simplify the itemization and analysis of Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams

Digital Takeoff

Advanced OCR algorithms for blueprint reading: P&IDs and Architectural

Estimating software

Next-gen construction estimating software (does not use ChatGPT)

AI software

Simplified machine learning for estimating 

Architectural blueprints

Versatile electrical estimation and P&ID software suitable for businesses of all sizes. Effortlessly handle projects ranging from small-scale to multi-million dollar bids using an encrypted database, assessment algorithms, and automated bidding proposals.


Our Electrical Estimating and Takeoff Tool simplifies electrical project budgeting, materials, and labor costs into one comprehensive report. Easily adjust costs for accurate estimates and avoid budget overruns. Start using our tool today!

P&ID drawings

SimplyCount streamlines information sharing with diagram creation and collaboration tools all in one place.

Simply Accelerate Counting & Sorting

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