ChatGPT Construction

SimplyCount is an AI blueprint generator that uses artificial intelligence to process and count every symbol and line in construction plans, providing estimators with the data they need to develop precise and strategically sound bids. Create an account to start using AI to review blueprints.

With SimplyCount, estimators can:

  • Identify all symbols
  • Pinpoint potential errors
  • Export counts to PDF, Excel, DWG. 

SimplyCount, coupled with BIM software, assists engineers in winning contracts and completing projects. The AI-powered software provides insights that help estimators navigate projects with precision and skill, anticipating obstacles, optimizing resource allocation, and exceeding expectations. The software will be a tremendous time saver for construction and engineering companies.

SimplyCount is not a ChatGPT-powered tool. Our AI engine consists of advanced algorithms that analyze construction plans and machine learning to improve accuracy and performance. We do not utilize customer data to train external models. The desktop software does not require wifi to leverage Simplycount’s AI models.

SimplyCount is the future of construction estimating. The AI-powered platform frees estimators from the drudgery of manual tasks and empowers them to be ahead of the curve with AI in construction.

SimplyCount is a new software that can provide takeoff software for Mac, construction estimator software for Mac, and counting on a desktop application that other Bluebeam software does too. SimplyCount is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that can help you save time and money on your next big construction blueprint review. Create an account. We’d be happy to answer any questions you have.