Simple to use AI in Construction:

Every minute counts in the construction industry. Estimators are constantly balancing deadlines and budgets. A single miscalculation or missed symbol on a blueprint can send project costs skyrocketing and timelines tumbling. That’s where SimplyCount comes in. SimplyCount is more than just a tool; it’s a heroic sidekick that empowers estimators to vanquish the counting problem.

Envision this:

Countless hours are spent hunched over blueprints, straining your eyes to make out the tiny symbols, painstakingly tallying every outlet, switch, and fixture. SimplyCount eliminates this tedious chore. Its AI-powered eyes scan blueprints, P&IDs, and electrical plans with superhuman precision, automatically identifying and quantifying every symbol in seconds. This is more than a

time-saver; it’s a stress reliever, freeing estimators from the drudgery of repetitive counting so they can focus on what’s truly important: strategic thinking and project management.

But SimplyCount doesn’t just count; it analyzes. Its AI brain gleans insights from the data, identifying potential discrepancies and capturing nuances within drawings. This supercharged knowledge gives estimators the power to craft competitive bids, win more projects, and deliver on promises every time.

Can you imagine if you no longer had to spend your nights battling blueprints? What if you could wake up in the morning without budget anxieties? With SimplyCount, you can do just that. SimplyCount is a budgeting tool that helps you track symbol counts and create accurate estimates. This means you can be confident when you stride into meetings, knowing that you have the data to back up your claims. SimplyCount can help you win more projects, sleep more soundly, and even fit in a lunchtime jog. Try SimplyCount today and see how it can relieve your pain.

SimplyCount isn’t just software, and it’s a revolution. It’s redefining how construction projects are estimated, built, and managed. It’s liberating estimators from the mundane and empowering them to be their heroes. So, ditch the counting struggle and embrace the SimplyCount advantage. It’s time to conquer the counting problem and build a brighter future, one symbol at a time.