AI Copilots for Blueprints in Construction and Engineering

Example: How long would it take for you to count the symbols on this blueprint?

Example: You can count 759 symbols in less than 15 minutes using the Simplycount AI

Simplycount is an easy-to-use AI that makes counting symbols on blueprints easy. The software is self-contained and does not share your sensitive blueprint data to train external models. Simplycount is a downloadable desktop application that runs locally and can handle hundreds of pages and tens of thousands of symbols.

Regardless of whether you are working with architectural or one-line diagrams, Simplycount works! The software algorithms work on grainy blueprints, pictures of blueprints, and blueprints with many artifacts.

Example: Grainy and Scanned Blueprints

Example: Picture of blueprint

If you don’t believe us, create an account and upload a drawing. We will show you how Simplycount works on all blueprints. Simplycount is a bootstrapped startup without Venture capital funding and is looking for strategic partners looking to implement AI at their construction or engineering firm.

SimplyCount Feature Roadmap

Phase 1: Symbol Counting

  • Ability to count symbols on blueprints using AI algorithms
  • Automatic reporting that exports a fully marked-up PDF to scale
  • Counting time reduced from hours to minutes

Phase 2: Material Estimation

  • Ability to estimate the amount of materials needed for a project based on the symbol count
  • Integration with material suppliers for easy ordering
  • Cost savings on materials

Phase 3: Labor Estimation

  • Ability to estimate the amount of labor needed for a project based on the symbol count
  • Integration with labor scheduling software
  • Improved project efficiency

Phase 4: Project Management

  • Ability to track the progress of a project and manage tasks
  • Integration with project management software
  • Improved project visibility and control