2024 Symbol Counting with AI-Powered SimplyCount: A next-gen symbol counting algorithms

Simplycount is a desktop software that is a visual search engine for construction blueprints and technical diagrams. It is a data-driven software that can be used on most commercial laptops without requiring Wi-Fi or cloud storage. Simplycount ensures privacy and security by saving projects locally on users’ computers.┬áThe software counts all symbols shown on blueprints and exports the counts directly to Excel and PDF, giving users the flexibility to import the data into their purchasing system. Simplycount uses machine learning and other sophisticated algorithms to count symbols on even the toughest blueprints. Whether it’s grainy, scanned, or cluttered drawings, Simplycount can handle them all.┬áSimplycount is an innovative tool that can save you time and money by automatically finding and counting symbols on a plan sheet using AI. It is ideal for those in construction estimating, construction bidding, construction project management, and anyone looking to count symbols accurately. With Simplycount, you can remove any doubt regarding symbol counts and enjoy a 3x improvement in counting and itemizing symbols.

SimplyCount stands out from other counting software with its unique features and capabilities:

  • Local Processing: No need for internet, Wi-Fi, or cloud storage during counting. SimplyCount works entirely on your local workstation, ensuring uninterrupted workflows and data privacy.
  • Advanced Machine Learning: SimplyCount’s ML-powered algorithms handle challenging conditions, including cluttered and grainy blueprints, one-line diagrams, and even photographs of blueprints.
  • High Capacity: Capable of handling tens of thousands of symbols and hundreds of pages, making it suitable for large-scale projects and contractors.
  • Collaboration Support: Share your project database with colleagues to collaborate and seamlessly continue counting where others have left off.

By leveraging SimplyCount’s cutting-edge capabilities, small businesses, and enterprise contractors can significantly reduce counting time, minimize human errors, and establish a reliable reference for the number of symbols on technical and architectural blueprints.

Simplycount operates distinctly, not utilizing external models such as Chat GPT or Copilot for search and counting tasks. As a self-contained software, it does not rely on end-user blueprints for training external models. Simplycount refines its algorithms and attains more generalized software functionality.

How SimplyCount Can Benefit Your Organization

Increased Productivity: SimplyCount can help your organization increase productivity by automating the symbol counting process. This can free up your employees to focus on other tasks, such as design and engineering.

Increased Revenue: SimplyCount can help your organization increase revenue by providing a more accurate and efficient way to count symbols. This can lead to fewer errors and disputes, which can save your organization time and money.

Controlled Risk: SimplyCount can help your organization control risk by providing a reliable reference for the number of symbols on technical and architectural blueprints. This can help your organization avoid costly disputes and protect its intellectual property.

Use SimplyCount Internally or Offer It as a Service: SimplyCount can be used internally at your organization or used for you to provide a service to your customers. If you choose to offer SimplyCount as a service, you can charge a fee for your services or use it as a way to attract new customers.

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