The next evolution of software for P&IDs and electrical blueprints

What is SimplyCount

Have you ever spent countless hours reviewing blueprints and Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams, feeling cross-eyed while counting and entering information from the drawing into Excel or AutoCAD? We faced the same problem back in 2017, and SimplyCount was developed as a solution to count symbols in drawings. Advancements in AI and computer vision give SimplyCount cutting-edge symbol recognition performance.  

SimplyCount’s Enhanced Features

In comparison to 2023, the drastic improvement in processing time is truly remarkable. In 2023, it took 24 hours to count and itemize 8,751 symbols across 75 pages. Now, with SimplyCount’s advanced capabilities, the same task can be accomplished in just 5 hours. This significantly impacts project timelines and overall productivity. The newly added capabilities allow it to search for and verify multiple symbols across multiple pages simultaneously.

Symbol Search Across Multiple Pages: SimplyCount now scans entire documents to consistently identify symbols across different pages, vastly improving efficiency compared to manual symbol counting. This feature is particularly beneficial for large-scale projects with many pages and hundreds or thousands of symbols. Simplycount can search multiple pages in one shot and email you when the search is complete.

Library: If you frequently use the same symbols, there’s no need to search for new symbols each time. You can import and export symbol libraries from projects to use them in new projects.

Key new features:

Verification Across Pages: SimplyCount not only identifies symbols across multiple pages but also ensures their consistency and accuracy. This significantly reduces the risk of missing or misidentified symbols. For instance, users can verify a symbol searched across 100 pages all at once. This streamlined process minimizes the time required for symbol counts and allows users to confidently certify symbols across complex industrial plant layouts, ensuring precision and consistency.

Text Association with Symbol Types: Another new feature of SimplyCount is its ability to associate descriptive text with recognized symbols. This contextual information enhances understanding and enables further analysis. For instance, it can associate a tag symbol with relevant specifications or maintenance notes, providing valuable insights for users.

Fundamental Advancement: The advancement of Simplycount’s pioneering development in machine learning algorithms has expanded the possibilities of symbol recognition. SimplyCount’s success is reliant on robust computer vision techniques, including neural networks, deep learning, and computer vision. This interdisciplinary achievement highlights the remarkable potential of integrating various technologies to significantly advance AI-driven tools.

Introduction to Multi-Agents: SimplyCount now employs multiple agents, with each agent focusing on specific tasks such as symbol recognition, verification, and text association. This approach enables parallel processing, further reducing processing time.

Use cases:

A company can use SimplyCount in several impactful ways, particularly if they are involved in fields that require extensive use of blueprints and Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs). Here’s how:

Engineering and Construction Firms

  1. Project Planning and Management:
    • Efficient Resource Allocation: SimplyCount helps estimate the resources needed for a project by quickly and accurately counting and identifying symbols.
    • Timely Project Delivery: The reduced processing time accelerates project bid timelines, allowing for faster bid completion and a better understanding of details.
  2. Quality Assurance and Control:
    • Accurate Documentation: Ensures that all symbols are correctly identified and verified across multiple documents, reducing errors and omissions.
    • Consistent Standards: Maintains consistency in symbol usage and documentation across different projects, adhering to industry standards and improving quality control.

Manufacturing and Industrial Plants

  1. Maintenance and Operations:
    • Detailed Maintenance Records: By associating descriptive text with symbols, maintenance teams can quickly access relevant specifications and maintenance notes, streamlining troubleshooting and repairs.

Architectural and Design Firms

  1. Design Verification:
    • Consistency in Design Documents: Ensures symbols are consistently used across various design documents, enhancing the accuracy of architectural plans.
    • Streamlined Revisions: Simplifies revising and updating designs, ensuring all changes are accurately reflected across all documents.
  2. Client Presentations:
    • Enhanced Clarity: By providing precise and verified documentation, firms can offer clearer and more detailed presentations to clients, improving communication and client satisfaction.

Utility Companies

  1. Infrastructure Planning and Maintenance:
    • Efficient Infrastructure Management: Quickly process and analyze large-scale utility diagrams, aiding in effective infrastructure planning and maintenance.
    • Accurate Asset Tracking: Maintain up-to-date and accurate records of all utility assets, improving management and operational efficiency.
  2. Emergency Response:
    • Quick Access to Information: In emergencies, having verified and detailed documentation readily available can significantly improve response times and decision-making.

Oil and Gas Industry

  1. Pipeline Management:
    • Detailed Pipeline Mapping: Accurately map and document pipeline layouts, ensuring efficient management and maintenance.
    • Risk Assessment: Improve risk assessment processes by ensuring all pipeline symbols are accurately counted and verified, aiding in identifying potential issues.

By incorporating SimplyCount into their workflow, companies in these sectors can significantly improve efficiency, accuracy, and overall productivity, leading to better project outcomes and enhanced operational effectiveness.


SimplyCount revolutionizes the tedious and error-prone task of counting and verifying symbols in blueprints and Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams. By leveraging advancements in AI and computer vision, SimplyCount offers cutting-edge symbol recognition performance, drastically improving processing times and enhancing project timelines and productivity.

The tool’s capabilities, such as multi-page symbol search, symbol libraries, and text association with symbols, significantly streamline the process, ensuring consistency and accuracy across documents. Its ability to verify symbols across multiple pages and associate contextual text provides valuable insights, enhancing both the quality and utility of documentation.

For companies in engineering, construction, manufacturing, architecture, utilities, and the oil and gas industry, SimplyCount offers numerous benefits. It facilitates efficient resource allocation, timely project delivery, accurate documentation, and consistent standards, thereby improving overall operational effectiveness. By incorporating SimplyCount into their workflows, companies can achieve significant improvements in efficiency, accuracy, and productivity, leading to superior project outcomes and enhanced operational effectiveness.

Looking Ahead:

In conclusion, SimplyCount’s advanced features, significant time savings, and breakthroughs in machine learning make it an exciting tool for the future. We invite readers to explore SimplyCount and experience its transformative capabilities firsthand. The first step is to create a Simplycount account!