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At Predictive Solutions Group, we believe in using technology to solve previously unsolvable problems. The company is the result of the convergence of business, engineering, and science. SimplyCount is our first product and helps analyze blueprints and P&ID drawings. 



The platform leverages cutting-edge algorithms, including optical character recognition and proprietary machine learning algorithms that together create the world’s best symbol counting software. As a result, SimplyCount can handle poorly drafted blueprints, rotated symbols, and scanned blueprints, unlike other solutions. Our development of SimplyCount continued with more than just locating symbology on blueprints. We have developed additional toolboxes that allow users to convert their data into a more useful format. Excel, portable databases, and exported PDFs provide a competitive advantage over less advanced, error-prone take-off methods.  




Studies have shown that even a 1% reduction in costs through technological and operational improvements would save the construction industry approximately $100 billion annually. SimplyCount plans to develop APIs to help integrate with other software solutions to give customers the ease of integrating SimplyCount into their current systems. In addition, we plan to build a web-based version to help small businesses without CAD workstations. 

This all sounds like a lot, and honestly, it is. We have seen success by listening to our customer’s problems and developing solutions to help their business. 

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